Thursday, 24 March 2016


    After receiving my SPM result, I'm currently applying for universities around Malaysia. Most of my application form is for UITM. Well, my parents is a UITM Graduated students. So, not too long ago, UITM held an event. It's called " Selangkah Ke UITM ". There's a lot of booth there regarding the courses in UITM. I went there on Saturday with my grandfather because my parents have to attend a wedding in Melaka. I went there an god there were a lot of people. like ALOT I tell yaa.. I went to the business department first to take a look. There was even a talk for those who are interested in business. But because there was a lot of people interested in business, some of the people had to stand the while listening to the talk (including me) because the sits aren't enough for all of us apparently.
    So what I applied in UITM, the first choice is TESL Foundation which is Teaching English As A Second Language. I think teaching KIDS is quite fun. Don't you think? Then I also applied for Diploma In Music. Well, I met a Chinese auntie once while waiting for my number to be called at the immigration.( I wanted to renew my passport). It turns out that auntie was actually a lecturer in UM for the music & arts department. She said the music department in UITM is very strong. If you have no music background , they will also take you. What they really want is the passion in the student to really learn music. In the music department, you don't really learn how to play music. Well since I play the piano too. So why not? Right? There is actually a lot to learn. Like Music Business, Music History I think and more. It surprises me too actually. Then I applied for Diploma in Mass Communication. The reason is because I think it is quite interesting. But to be honest, I don't really now what do you learn in mass comm.. Ohh and lastly, I also apply for Diploma in Business. I know the competition for people to enter the business department is too many. I repeat TOO MANY.  Among these 4, only the Business department doesn't have any interview.
    Now, I am waiting for them to called me for the interview. I'm quite scarred actually because as I mention before I don't really have that much self confidence. Sometimes I'm a timid person. But if you really know me, I am the very loud. like SUPER (more to nagging). I became even louder when watching horror disgusting movies. My friends gosh.. being  pranksters, every time we have a sleep over, they would make me watch a horror movie. Those were the times I fell like hitting them. But still, love them so much.
   Please pray for me so that I can do well during my interview. I will patiently wait for the interview call.. I think this is all for this post. I'll write again next time.

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