Wednesday, 23 March 2016


    My name is Batrisyia Binti Khaizuran. Born in 1998. So basically 18 this year. Legal? hahaha not yet.. Officially legal on the 1st of July. Any interest? hmm.. Much love for Kpop. Yeahh I know.. Pretty & flawless boys dancing & singing on stage. I sing sometimes. In the shower of course. In public? No way. I don't really have much self confidence..

   I finish my high school last year & receive my SPM result in March 2016.I was working from 1st January till the 2nd week of February. Then I quit the job & patiently (not really) waiting for my result. It was a really nerve wrecking moment while waiting to get my result from my homeroom teacher. Well, the great news is that I pass! Yay me!! Quite proud actually that I pass.. But quite disappointed because the result is not what I expected.. I think that's enough talking about my taking result moment.

 Ah yes.. Family. Both my parents are still alive( Thank you god). I have 3 siblings & I am the oldest. I have a brother & a sister. Such pain in the ass but I still love them. Although I feel like hitting them sometimes. I share a room with my sister and my brother is next door. My dad is an Auditor, He is always working overseas so he's barely home. Oh btw, my grandma lives with me. Gosh love her so much. She cooks for us everyday.

 Friends? hmm.. I have these people in my life & I really appreciate them a lot. Fana, she is like a mother to us. Well most of the time. Ain, She is the Sakai one. Quite playful this girl but you can really count on her when you're in trouble. Now Iju, she is my Korean teacher. she corrects my hangul spelling all the time. She's quite loud for a girl but that's what I love about her.

I think that's it for this introduction. I'll continue next time.

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